King Khancept


Molded by his poverty-stricken upbringing, eclectic musical influences, and military service, King Khancept brings a fresh and rebellious style to the world of hip-hop. His infectious hooks and rapid-fire flow have earned him the opportunity to share the stage with hip-hop legend Nelly, opening main-stage for over 10,000 satisfied fans. 


Making History

Khancept was the first ever hip-hop artist to hit the century-old stage at the Apollo Theatre in Peoria, Illinois. His sold-out show at the historic venue garnered the attention of regional media and he has gone on to routinely perform at major clubs and festivals throughout the Midwest.

KIng Khancept Live Nelly.jpg

Collaborative Performances

The King rocks the stage with his talented rap group "BLK" and often integrates artists and instruments from other genres including rock and country. Consistently delivering diverse, high-energy, and high-quality performances, King Khancept is sure to get bodies moving.

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